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Leadership and Management Programme 

Connect 34 - Helping Managers to connect with their people to lead and build stronger teams

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Marc Henderson

Global IT Accountant, TNT 

Team Workshops
Team Development

Deborah has worked with us with a view of understanding our strengths using the Gallup StrengthsFinder programme to build and motivate our team, fully expecting that we would identify our strengths and work on our weaknesses to improve.  This is far from the methodology of StrengthsFinder, which is more to determine your strengths and maximise these rather than trying to work on weakness and change individuals to someone they are not. We learned how to manage around areas of weakness but realised how important it is to work with more prominent stronger themes. Deborah facilitated a series of excellent team workshops which truly demonstrated her high standard of devotion and enthusiasm in making sure we achieved results. The team came together extremely quickly and started to work as one unit as they could see the talents and strengths of each other, we truly did start to maximise our potential

Koen Vermeulen 

Finance Director, TNT

Team Workshops - Leadership Development - Employee Engagement

“Deborah has supported me and my team in our journey to establish a strengths-based culture.

Deborah's ability to understand organisational cultures and the different intrinsic values of people, supported the required transition into a strengths-based culture.

Our collaboration started by unlocking individual strengths using the StrengthsFinder assessment tool, through to team awareness sessions, strengths-based team dynamics and a focus on strengths-based engagement and development, with my leadership team.

All in all I have appreciated our collaboration and I’m convinced that we will continue to build on this, for an even more successful future.”

Marc Henderson

Global IT Accountant, TNT 

Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development

Deborah continued to develop and coach me in one to one sessions online which helped me to understand myself more and then how to apply my strengths in order to gain more form the team.

Again this is another success story with Deborah’s help and coaching, to focus on your goals and ambitions use your talents and strength to get there.

I highly recommend Connect 34 and Deborah for anyone who seeks to develop their strengths and ultimately to leverage them fully in both their professional and personal life 

Building High-Performing Teams

When leaders take care of those they lead by building trust, providing stability, showing compassion and creating hope, they build the foundation of a high-performing team 

We train, coach and mentor leaders to build and nurture their people so they feel engaged and energised in their work, productive, supported, challenged and valued

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Secrets to Building High-Performing Teams

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Effective leaders invest in Strengths

When leaders fail to focus on strengths, the chances of employees being engaged are 1 in 11 (90%)

When leaders focus on strengths, the odds of employees being engaged rise to 3 in 4 (73%)

This has significant impact on the organisation's bottom line and the well-being of employees


Effective leaders surround themselves with the right people and then create and maximise the potential of their team

The strengths of High-Performing Teams are spread across four main talent domains:

Strategic thinking


Effective leaders understand the needs of their followers

When leaders meet these needs, employees feel engaged and valued which drives performance and productivity 

Leaders must:

Build Trust
Show Compassion
Create Hope
Provide Stability 



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