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Connect 34 provides coaching, training and management consultancy to individuals, leaders, teams and organisations so everyone can enjoy their work and have a better understanding of the kind of environments that enhance workplace engagement. 

We all get frustrated at some point during our working lives, but once we know what causes these frustrations and have the tools to overcome them, it’s possible to make changes for the better.

Working more effectively, productively and with higher levels of engagement is a direct result of adopting a strengths-based approach.  When managers are equipped to have better conversations with team members and can be more effective at meeting their needs, entire teams can be transformed.  We know that adopting a strengths-based development strategy can create interdependent teams who feel alive and engaged at work. 

It is our mission to work with individuals, leaders and teams to ensure they have all the tools, training and guidance to fully understand how people can stay engaged in their work through knowing and applying their talents and strengths. 

For individuals looking for a new career or wanting to develop professionally in their role - we have strategies to cover most situations including but not limited to:


Planning a new career following redundancy

Planning a promotion 

Individual and team development

Leadership and management development

Employee engagement

New manager development

Developing assertiveness



Work-based mentoring

Interview preparation


Workshop facilitation 

Bespoke training for managers and teams

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We offer complimentary discovery sessions and are happy to answer any questions you have.


Connecting Our Strengths to Yours



Allow Connect 34 to be part of your strengths journey.

Deborah Thompson is the Founder of Connect 34 and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. 

Dominant Talents

Learner | Connectedness | Belief | Achiever | Maximiser | Intellection | Positivity | Developer | Individualization | Strategic 


Becky Harvey is our Business Development Manager.

Dominant Talents  

Individualization | Activator | Woo | Communication | Includer | Futuristic | Ideation | Relator  Self-Assurance | Significance


There are 34 Talent Themes as defined by The Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder® Assessment.  Here's a snapshot of 3 of the 34 talent themes.  Click below to download a more in-depth insight into all 34 talent themes including ideas on how to manage others with each talent theme



Learners are energised by the steady and deliberate journey from ignorance to competence, constantly striving to improve

Download all 34 Talent Themes


Relators describe those people who are drawn to others they already know and can form incredibly deep relationships 

Download all 34 Talent Themes


This is a talent which best describes people who are intrigued by and understand the unique qualities of each person

Download all 34 Talent Themes